Short videos or films and still photography for busiess in Scotland

Welcome to my new website. It shows examples of short films and still photographs all made by me, Gordon Saunders.

You can see some of my films here and photographs here.

Find out how I can help you, and what it might cost, here.

If you'd like to know more please call me on 07812 576 430 or email. You can also see me, and what I do, in the films below. Isn't that what films and websites are for?

In this short video, four clients share their experiences of my film-making and photography. They describe the gentle process and the effectiveness of the end results. Each interview is illustrated by footage or images.

This two-minute film shows the six key elements of an effective business video. It explains that preparing for the shoot is just as important as the point where the camera is switched on.

all me on 07812 576 430 or email me.